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The Lacy Employment Law, a law firm with offices in Philadelphia, Allentown and Reading, was established in 1999. It represents employees involved in sexual abuse, harassment and whistleblower cases. It can help individuals get damages for car and truck accidents as well as medical malpractice, dog bites and slips & falls. Leonard Hill, a founding partner in the firm, is a Member of the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association, and the American Association for Justice. Since its founding, Lacy Employment Law is the recipient of more than $500 Million in awards.

The Lacy Employment Law Firm excels in Employment Law. They are consistently ranked among the top Employment Law Firms of Pennsylvania. Lacy Employment Law also is a Super Lawyer. These awards are well-deserved for many reasons. This was something I witnessed first-hand in my case. They offered me a free, thorough consultation. This is their standard procedure. Other firms required me to pay $500 for an initial consultation. They did not guarantee I would be accepted. The Lacy Employment Law Firm is available to provide a free, honest and realistic assessment of your situation. The Lacy Employment Law Firm will inform you if your chances at winning are actually low. (Some firms, which are in dire need of clients, will take any case no matter what the merits. Do not pay legal fees in cases where your chances of winning are slim or null. To avoid this, you should first consult The Lacy Employment Law Office. Many of the negative reviews that are posted here have been written by people who were not told the truth about their situation.

A contract could be negotiated. An experienced attorney can help in these negotiations. An attorney can help you hold the employer responsible for breaching the contract.

The Lacy Employment Law is available to clients throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. It represents clients involved in employment law issues. It also handles banking and financial litigation, civil right, construction, education, election, and other legal matters. It also handles cases relating to healthcare, premises liability and products liability, as well as real estate. Lacy, the firm's attorney is a member of both the Philadelphia Bar Association and the National Association of College and University Attorneys.

For over 40 years, we've been at the forefront to change employment law. Our goal is to make work more productive for all employees and help employers stay compliant.

Below is a sampling of some of our results. Every case is different and must be judged on its own merits. Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances. We are not able, due to confidentiality agreements required by corporate employers, to reference over 2,000 settlements that we have obtained for our clients and that we are as proud of as the limited number of cases that we can publicly reference below.

The Lacy Employment Law is an employment law firm that represents clients in Philadelphia as well as the surrounding areas. It focuses on employment discrimination. It also provides assistance in workplace sexual harassment cases. Since 1947, Lacy Employment Law supports clients against unfair treatment and injuries. It is also available to clients who speak Spanish or English.

The Lacy Employment Law Firm, is committed to protecting the rights of Pennsylvania and New Jersey workers.

workplace employment lawyers

The Lacy Employment Law based in Philadelphia represents workers in employment class action suits, including discrimination, minimum wage violations and tip stealing. Its mission, to support employees in seeking damages and legal remedies and protect their rights. In addition, the firm is involved in paraquat and consumer class actions. John Weston, its partner, has been practicing legal since 1977. He is a member the Billion Dollar Lawyers Association.

We offer employment law counseling and litigation for employees in the Greater Philadelphia Area. This includes residents of Philadelphia, Bucks Delaware, Chester and Montgomery, Berks Lancaster, Lehigh and Northampton Counties as well as residents located in central and Western Pennsylvania. The following employment-related matters have been handled by our firm:

Since the day I opened my practice, my goal has been to defend the rights of employees for fair treatment in the workplace. My colleagues and I have all the resources and knowledge necessary to challenge employers and their legal team and obtain justice for our clients.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is responsible for protecting the [...].

We are firm believers in the principle that no individual should be treated unfairly. Our practice focuses on representing employees who are involved in workplace disputes.

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The Lacy Employment Law has many practices and serves clients in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and the surrounding regions. It represents employees in employment-related matters, including retaliation. Its lawyers collaborate with different experts, including doctors, vocational experts and physical therapists to help clients with their cases. Mike Silver and Cynthia J. Silver founded the company in 1981. Mike helped Pennsylvania pass legislation on the accessibility of medical records for disabled people.

The Lacy Employment Law, a Philadelphia law firm, serves the surrounding communities. It protects civil rights of employees who have been victim to unjustified job actions, discrimination due to their race or gender, disability, age, or religion. The services cover workplace harassment, wrongful detentions, and police abuse. Danny Cevallos represents clients in federal as well as territorial courts. As MSNBC's law analyst, he also addresses legal issues in the news.

The Lacy Employment Law Firm has a reputation for being a premier Employment Law Firm. They are consistently ranked the best Employment Law Firms in Pennsylvania. Lacy Employment Law is also a Super Lawyer. As I saw in my own case, these accolades are well-deserved. I was offered a complimentary and comprehensive initial consultation. This is their normal practice. Other firms would charge me upwards of $500 to have an initial consultation. There was no guarantee that I would be accepted as a client. The Lacy Employment Law Firm can give you a FREE HONEST and REALISTIC assessment about your situation. This will explain to you if your chances are low of winning. Firms that are desperate for clients may be open to taking any case regardless of merits. Paying legal fees in a case that you are unlikely to win is the last thing you want. You won't have to worry about it happening if you first contact The Lacy Employment Law Company. It is likely that the majority of negative reviews on this website are from people who were informed the truth about their situation, their realistic options, and that it was not what they wanted.

The lawyers at The Lacy Employment Law counsel individuals who have been victimized by illegal employment discrimination and retaliation, including harassment at work. Our attorneys also represent employees in cases concerning wrongful termination, whistleblower claims, medical leaves, disability benefits, wage and hour claims, employment contracts, severance agreements, stock option plans, and class action lawsuits.

The Lacy Employment Law represents Philadelphia residents in employment law cases. It deals with various employment law issues, such as wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and discrimination based on age, race, and religion. It strives to provide personal representation by creating a strategy designed to meet the legal needs of each client. The team also handles personal injury and general litigation. The firm's managing attorney and founder, Jason L. Pearlman, worked with trial lawyers before founding his firm.

The Lacy Employment Law represents Philadelphia residents when it comes to employment law matters. It handles a variety of employment law issues including wrongful termination, harassment and discrimination based upon age, race, or religion. It is committed to providing personal representation and will create a strategy to address each client's legal needs. This team also handles general and personal injury cases. Jason L. Pearlman is the firm's founder and managing attorney. He was a trial lawyer before he founded his firm.

Since the opening of my practice, I have made it my mission to fight for employees’ rights to fair treatment in the workplace. My associates and I have the resources and the requisite knowledge to take on employers and their legal teams and secure justice for our clients.

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The Lacy Employment Law assists clients in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. It can provide legal representation to clients who are involved with employment law issues. It also provides legal representation for clients involved in civil rights, civil litigation, financial litigation, construction, education and election laws. It also handles real estate, premises and products liability, healthcare and premises cases. Lacy, the company's lawyer, is a member of National Association of College and University Attorneys and Philadelphia Bar Association.

Employees must be paid for all hours they work, overtime, and any extra hours worked over 40 hours per weeks. This right is protected under various federal laws and Pennsylvania laws. Unfortunately, some employers may misuse these exemptions.

The Lacy Employment Law Firm represents New Jerseyans and Pennsylvanians. The Lacy Employment Law Firm represents residents throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Bucks County. The Lacy Employment Law Firm is able to represent individuals who live in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, including South Philadelphia, Northeast Philadelphia. South Philadelphia. East Falls. Chestnut Hill. Huntingdon Valley. Rydal. Bethayres. Meadowbrook. Perkasie. Yardley. New Hope. Pocono. Scranton. Reading. Elizabethtown. Quakertown. Ephrata. Williamsport. Leesport. Lehighton. The Lacy Employment Law Firm will represent New Jersey residents who are located in Cherry Hill. Trenton. Flemington. Camden. Gloucester. Mount Laurel. Egg Harbor. Atlantic City. Westfield. Deptford. Voorhees. Princeton. Toms River. Middletown. Franklin. Hunterdon County.

The Lacy Employment Law was formed in 1999. The firm has locations in Philadelphia (Allentown) and Reading. It represents employees who have been subject to sexual abuse, harassment, and whistleblower allegations. Individuals can also seek compensation for damage resulting in car or truck accidents, medical negligence, dog bites, slips, falls, and other damages. Leonard Hill, the founder of the firm is a member the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association as well as the American Association for Justice. Since its founding, Lacy Employment Law was awarded over $500 million.

The Lacy Employment Law is a Philadelphia law office that services clients across the metro area. The firm's employment attorneys represent employees in disputes over salaries and overtime pays. They are also members of the National Employment Lawyers Association, which promotes employee rights and supports lawyers who fight for equity and justice in the American workplace. The Lacy Employment Law and Andrew Santillo, the firm's founding partners, have 50 years of combined legal experience and have received various recognitions in the industry.

Have you received overtime compensation from your employer that was not paid?

The Lacy Employment Law Firm has been recognized by the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register as a preeminent law firm in the field of employment law and civil rights litigation. Our Philadelphia employment law firm is exclusively concentrated in the representation of both employees and employers in all aspects of employment related litigation, including claims under federal and state anti-discrimination laws and federal civil rights laws. Our New Jersey and Pennsylvania employment lawyers possess significant experience in representing both private sector and public sector employees and employers in employment and civil rights matters.


A: Employees have a variety of rights related to time off if they're injured or fall ill. For example, in workplaces covered by the Federal Medical Leave Act, workers are allowed to take up to 12 weeks off without losing their position in a company. The leave is unpaid unless PTO time can be used to cover it. Employees may also have rights to file a workers' comp claim if they're injured on the job. All of these laws cover different situations and types of employers, and an employment attorney can help you understand what rights you have.

A contract can be negotiated and an experienced attorney can help with those negotiations. A lawyer can also help an employer if it violates the contract.

If you've been victim to sexual harassment, such as unwelcome advances, requests for sexual favors, or crude jokes and comments, gestures, gestures, or photos, you might be entitled to be compensated.

The Lacy Employment Law, a Philadelphia-based law firm, represents employees in class action lawsuits involving employment class actions, including wrongful termination, discrimination and violations of minimum wage, tip theft, and discrimination. Its mission is help employees to protect and uphold their rights, and seek damages or legal remedies. The firm also handles paraquat and consumer class action cases. John Weston, the firm's partner, is a lawyer who has been in practice since 1977. He is also a member at large of the Billion Dollar Lawyers Association.

Your employer has failed to pay you overtime or misclassified your status as "exempt" from receiving overtime compensation.

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The Law Offices of The Lacy Employment Law is a Philadelphia law firm that provides legal services to clients. The firm represents employees and employers in various employment matters. These include sexual harassment and whistleblower cases, retaliation and whiplash claims, Family and Medical Leave Act and discrimination against people based on their gender, race and/or ethnicity. The firm provides support for small businesses without an in house legal department. The Lacy Employment Law is the firm's attorney. He has over 30 years experience in litigation.

An employer who misappropriates funds or violates regulations regarding safety, employment, or any other law is responsible. Sometimes, the only ones who are knowledgeable about the violation is the workers.

Most employees must be paid for all the hours they work plus overtime if working more than 40 hours per week. Various federal and Pennsylvania laws secure this right. Unfortunately, some employers misapply the exemptions.

We promise transparency and honesty to every client. Our clients are not going to let the unlawful conduct of their employers define their future. We are proud that we can help them take steps.

We have been at the forefront for change in employment law for 40 years. This has made the workplace more pleasant for all employees and helped employers to remain compliant.

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We do give free consultations. Unfortunately, due to extreme call volume, we cannot offer a free consultation to everyone. But we will let you know within 2 hours whether we can offer one. Give us a call. You will get a response. And we find that our clients appreciate knowing quickly whether we will be giving them an initial consultation. If we cannot give you a free consulations, we will wish you the best of luck. We hope to help as many people as possible. But we can only form an attorney client relationship with so many people as we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest standards of lawyering. And you cannot maintain high standards if you take every single case.

The answer is almost always yes. Sometimes this will require paying by the hour for straightforward legal advice for your employment dispute. Legal representation is worth it. You will save money down the road by protecting yourself against wrongful termination or other employment problems. An employment attorney can help you navigate difficult work situations. We represent employees in all types of employment law cases and employment disputes. If you have been wrongfully terminated, let us know how we can help in your wrongful termination suit.