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The Lacy Employment Law is an employment law firm that serves Philadelphia and the surrounding communities. It protects employees who have been discriminated against or subject to unjustified actions in their jobs. They also cover harassment at work, wrongful arrests, or abuse by the police. Danny Cevallos, one of the firm’s practitioners, represents clients before federal and territorial courts. He is also MSNBC's Legal Analyst and discusses legal issues on the news.

Federal, state, or local law states that employees and potential employees may be entitled to monetary damages or injunctive relief if their employer makes decisions based upon sex.

Every staff member at The Lacy Employment Law works diligently to defend the rights of every client. Each situation is unique, and our staff provides personal attention to every person who turns to our firm for legal counsel. With years of experience taking on a range of employment law matters, every person on the team at The Lacy Employment Law is dedicated to providing the highest quality of legal service to employees who are facing challenging issues.

Their communication and guidance was exceptional and much appreciated. They were always available to me and attentive to all my needs. An excellent professional and confidant in legal matters.

We offer employment law counselling and litigation services to employees located in the Greater Philadelphia Area. We have successfully represented thousands of people in employment-related matters.

Often, retaliation is a chief concern among workers seeking to stop unlawful behavior by an employer or seeking redress for damages they suffered. An employee may value his or her job despite the issue they seek to address.

The Philadelphia employment attorneys at The Lacy Employment Law Firm are skilled in all areas of Pennsylvania and New Jersey employment and workplace discrimination law. For over 40 years, the New Jersey employment lawyers at the firm have represented countless clients in cases involving such issues as contract negotiations, labor disputes, wrongful termination, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, business “divorces”, shareholder oppression and whistleblower claims. https://employment-labor-law.com/philadelphia-employment-lawyers/

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Attorney Advertising Materials. The Lacy Employment Law Firm is responsible for the content of this website. This website is designed for general information only. The information presented at this site should not be construed to be formal legal advice nor the formation of a lawyer/client relationship.

I would recommend them to anyone looking to find an honest, hard-working attorney who is also professional. My phone calls were returned promptly. I was completely satisfied with the results of their work, and I would not hesitate to use them again.

The Lacy Employment Law has a team of professionals who work hard to protect every client's rights. Every situation is different and we provide personalized attention to all clients who come to us for advice. The Lacy Employment Law staff has years of combined experience in dealing with a wide variety of employment-related issues. They are dedicated to providing excellent legal services for employees facing challenging issues.

The Lacy Employment Law was formed in Philadelphia in 2011. The firm also has offices located in New York and Newark. The firm represents employees in all aspects related to employment law, such as discrimination, sexual harassment and FLSA violations, hostile work environments, wrongful termination, and sexual harassment. The firm also handles ADA complaints and violations. The firm has extensive experience in representing clients before state and federal courts.

Founded in 1984, the Law Office of The Lacy Employment Law with its team of employment lawyers in Philadelphia serves clients in the area as well as Southern New Jersey. In its employment law practice, the firm represents employees who have been victims of workplace harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, and retaliation, as well as those due unpaid wages. Founding partner Christopher F. Bagnato was named one of the Primer 100 Trial Attorneys in Pennsylvania by the American Academy of Trial Attorneys.

We will provide transparency to all clients, an honest case assessment, and 100% commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for every client. We are proud to assist clients who don't want their employer's illegal conduct to define their future.

A: Unfair treatment does not necessarily mean unlawful treatment. Unfair treatment is not governed by laws. This could include bosses who bully employees or people who make unfair decisions about their time due to nepotism, mood or other factors. These issues are not grounds for a court argument. They do not stand in the same category as unjust judgements based on race or age. If unfair treatment is unlawful, an employment lawyer can help.

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Has your employer failed to pay you overtime compensation or misclassified you as “exempt” from overtime compensation?

The Lacy Employment Law is multi-practice law firm serving clients in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. It represents employees in employment-related cases, including retaliation and age and gender discrimination. To assist clients, the firm's lawyers work with a variety of experts such as doctors, vocational specialists and tax experts. Mike Silver and Cynthia J. Silver founded the firm in 1981. Mike helped Pennsylvania's legislature pass legislation regarding medical records accessibility by persons with disabilities.

The Lacy Employment Law Firm is committed protecting the rights of New Jersey workers.

Employee representation is provided by the Lacy Employment Law Law in Philadelphia and surrounding regions. Andrew Abramson, the main lawyer of the Lacy Employment Law Law, has over twenty years of experience in representing people wrongfully terminated for their employment due to discrimination based on age, gender, or other medical conditions. He advocates for sexual harassment victims, mediates in contracts and agreements and protects whistleblowers. Abramson has a wealth of experience in employment law that helps him create strategies that will meet the needs of his clients.

The Law Offices of The Lacy Employment Law provides legal services to clients in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. The firm represents both employers and employees in various employment law matters. These include sexual harassment, retaliation and whistleblower claims, Family and Medical Leave Act, and discrimination on the basis of gender, race, and ethnicity. The firm accommodates small businesses that do not have an in-house legal department. Its attorney, The Lacy Employment Law, has nearly 30 years of experience in litigation.

You might have the right to compensation if your victim of sexual harassment has been subject to unwelcome advances and demands for sexual favors.

I would recommend them to anyone searching for honest, hardworking lawyers who are professional and sincere. My calls were returned quickly. I was very satisfied with their work and would recommend them to others.

The Lacy Employment Law staff works hard to protect the rights of every client. Our staff is attentive to every client and each case is unique. The Lacy Employment Law team has years of experience handling employment law cases. Every person on our team is committed to providing high-quality legal services to employees who face challenging issues.

A: Unfair treatment doesn't necessarily mean that you are being treated unlawfully. Unfair treatment doesn't have a specific law. Examples of unfair treatment include being bullied by a boss or making poor decisions about time or due to nepotism. This type of issue may not be grounds to file a lawsuit or claim against the court, but it is different from unjust decisions based on age or race. An employment attorney will be able to clarify whether unfair treatment is also illegal.

Since my office opened, I have been fighting for the rights of employees to fair treatment at work. My partners and I have the knowledge and resources necessary to confront employers and their legal staff and get justice for clients.

The Lacy Employment Law team includes employment and labor lawyers in Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York and New York. The firm is a leader in employment litigation. It specializes in wrongful terminations and discrimination based racial, ethnic, sexual, age or religious preference. It also addresses issues such as wrongfully withheld wages or executive contract violations, whistleblower retaliation and other employee matters. This law office is composed of several experienced trial attorneys who only focus on employment law.

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Always willing to help with any questions. They are so friendly and polite, in comparison with other attorneys. We would definitely recommend Michael The Lacy Employment Law Company.

We are firm believers that no one deserves unfair, unlawful or unjust treatment. Our practice is devoted to representing employees involved in workplace conflicts with their potential, past, and current employers.

It is not legal to fire someone in certain circumstances. A state cannot fire an employee based on their gender, race or religion.

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The Lacy Employment Law Firm is committed to protecting New Jersey and Pennsylvania workers' rights.

You were terminated soon after you were injured on the job, or inquired about workers' compensation benefits.

The Philadelphia employment lawyers of The Lacy Employment Law Firm are experts in all areas New Jersey and Pennsylvania employment and workplace discrimination laws. Since over 40 years, New Jersey employment attorneys at the firm have represented many clients in cases involving issues such as contract negotiations and labor disputes, sexual harassment, employment discrimination, shareholder oppression, whistleblower claims, and business "divorces". https://employment-labor-law.com/philadelphia-employment-lawyers/

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Although different cases warrant a different fee structure for typical employment related legal matters, your employment attorney will take 40% of the settlement amount. You won�t see this number stated on very many websites, but we believe in transparency for our employment law clients. The reason for this number is simple. We take all the risk. We will front your expenses and take the risk of losing everything if we do not get you a settlement or verdict at trial. Further, we go against the best. Unlike personal injury attorneys, we are up against attorneys for big corporations with unlimited resources in employment related litigation. Fighting workplace discrimination is hard. But we relish the challenge and fight to achieve the best results in the employment matters that we pursue.

Choosing an attorney is not easy. Here�s some things we suggest you consider. Look at the attorney�s credentials. If an attorney went to a top law school, you can expect a certain standard of competence. You should then look at experience. Does the attorney have some listed experience on their website that makes them stand out? But, above all else, you should trust your gut. If your attorney seems like a jerk, do not hire him or her. Contrary to popular belief, being a jerk attorney is not an asset in law; it is a liability. A good attorney will have good relationships with opposing counsel. This relationship can and will help you get a better outcome. Jerk attorneys never form these relationships.

Employment and labor attorneys in Philadelphia, PA tend to be aggressive. Even securing legal counsel for a wrongful termination suit can be challenging due to the overwhelming volume of employment litigation in Philadelphia, PA. When you�re fighting to enforce federal civil rights laws and stop workplace discrimination, large companies take notice. But just because large companies and their employment law attorneys are aggressive, does not make sure you should be scared. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. And we have a proven track record of taking on Goliath.