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You may be entitled to compensation if you are the victim of sexual harassment. This could include unwelcome advances, sexual favors requests, or crude comments, gestures, or pictures.

A: Fair treatment is not synonymous with unlawful treatment. There are no laws against unfair treatments. It can be a boss who bullies others into action or a person who does not make fair decisions about time-off because of nepotism. These issues can't be used as grounds for a court argument. An employment attorney can explain if unfair treatment may also be unlawful.

Every client is guaranteed transparency, an honest case evaluation, and the highest quality of service. We know that our clients won't allow their employer to ruin their future. That's why we're proud to support them in taking action.

The Lacy Employment Law was founded in 1999. There are locations in Philadelphia and Allentown. It represents employees in sexual assault, harassment, whistleblower cases, and other matters. It helps people get compensation for car and truck accident damages, medical malpractice, dog bites, slips and fall, and other injuries. Leonard Hill is the firm's founder partner and a member at the American Association for Justice and Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association. Since its foundation, Lacy Employment Law won more than $500,000,000.

Were you terminated shortly after being injured on the job or inquiring about workers’ compensation benefits?

A: Employees are entitled to up to 12 weeks of paid time off for injuries or illnesses. If PTO time cannot be used to compensate for the leave, the leave is not paid. An employee may also be entitled to file workers' compensation claims if they are hurt on the job. You can learn more about your rights by consulting an employment attorney.

We firmly believe that no one deserves to be treated unfairly, unlawfully or unjustly. Our practice focuses exclusively on representing employees involved in workplace disputes with their past, current and potential employers.

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All parties could assess the matter from informed perspectives. At the end, all parties reached a fair resolution in a professional way that was acceptable to them. This result has given me the chance to start a new profession (now moving forward successfully), without having to worry about the financial hardships or "going it alone". Lacy Employment Law and his team made it possible for us to make a fresh start. We have the experience, knowledge and commitment of Lacy Employment Law. The best decision that a person could make in their life is to seek out the best legal counsel possible for employment matters. The Lacy Employment Law Firm offers the best.

Are you experiencing retaliation because you complain about unfair or disparaging treatment or report possible unlawful activities at work?

Employers who misuse funds, break safety and employment regulations, or violate any other law must be held responsible. The only ones who know about the violation are often the employees.

Have you been fired as soon as you received injuries on the job or inquired about workers' compens benefits?

The Lacy Employment Law, a Philadelphia-based employment law firm, was established in 2011. There are additional offices in New York (Newark) and New York (New York). The firm represents employees in all areas related to employment law, including discrimination. It also handles ADA violations. The firm has the experience to bring cases before both federal and state courts.

The Lacy Employment Law, a multi-practice company that serves clients throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding area, is multi-practice. It represents employees in employment disputes including retaliation as well as age and gender discrimination. Its attorneys collaborate with many experts, including tax experts, doctors and vocational specialists to assist clients in their cases. Mike Silver, Cynthia J. Silver founded the firm back in 1981. Mike has assisted the Pennsylvania legislature in enacting legislation to allow disabled persons access to medical records.

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Many workers are concerned about retaliation when they seek to stop an employer's illegal behavior or for redress from the damage they have sustained. An employee may still be proud of their job regardless of what the issue is.

The Lacy Employment Law has lawyers who represent individuals who have been the victims of unlawful employment discrimination and retaliation. Our lawyers also represent employees in cases related to wrongful termination and whistleblower claims.

You have been subject to retaliation for complaining about unfair treatment, discriminatory treatment, or reporting potential illegal activities at the workplace.

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An employer must be held responsible if they misuse funds, violate safety regulations or break any other laws. Of all the people involved in the violation, often they are the ones who actually know.

The Philadelphia employment attorneys of The Lacy Employment Law Firm specialize in all aspects of New Jersey and Pennsylvania law regarding employment and workplace discrimination. The firm has represented many clients over the past 40 years. These cases include issues such contract negotiations as well as labor disputes, wrongful firing, discrimination in employment, sexual harassment, business "divorces", shareholder oppression, whistleblower and whistleblower claims.

The Lacy Employment Law was established in Philadelphia in 2011. It has additional offices in New York, Newark and New York. It represents employees in all areas of employment law, including discrimination and sexual harassment, FLSA, hostile working environments, and wrongful termination. It also handles ADA claims. The firm is familiar with bringing cases to state and federal courts, as well the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The Lacy Employment Law Firm took time to understand my situation and listened to me once I was their client. Others concluded that I was wasting their time. While others suggested that I take immediate action, some other firms recommended that I consider all aspects of my situation. According to the old saying, the devil is often in the details. After much collaboration, a realistic plan was developed. The Lacy Employment Law Firm has the ability to resolve your case in favorably. This is even when it comes to complex cases that other law firms may not be able. Lacy Employment Law and Associates worked hard for me, and took the time to understand my complex and unique situation. They remained attentive to my situation and made adjustments as necessary. All parties were able understand the situation and all the possible options.

Federal, State, and Local laws say that employers who make decisions based in part on sex or race, religion, color, disability, age, or national origin may be liable for monetary damages.

The Philadelphia employment lawyers at The Lacy Employment Law Firm can assist you in any area of New Jersey or Pennsylvania employment and workplace-discrimination law. Over 40 years of experience, the New Jersey employment lawyers at The Lacy Employment Law Firm have represented numerous clients in cases involving contract negotiations, labor dispute, wrongful termination and employment discrimination.

A contract can be negotiated. A knowledgeable attorney can assist with these negotiations. An attorney can help the employer to be held accountable if they break the contract.


Always there to answer questions. So kind and polite in comparison to other attorneys. We would certainly recommend Michael The Lacy Employment Law Firm.

They are honest and hardworking attorneys that I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a professional, sincere group. All my phone calls were returned quickly. They did a great job and I would definitely use them again.

Robert D. Mariani, U.S. District Court Judge, approved a $9.5 Million class settlement in a dispute that lasted ten years between O-I employees. They were denied subsidized retirement benefits after the O-I business they worked for was sold. Your particular facts and legal situation may impact the results.

Robert D. Mariani of the U.S. District court approved a $9.5million settlement in a decade-long battle between O-I employees and former Owens-Illinois workers who were denied subsidized benefits for retirement after the O-I bought their business. The outcome of your case and legal situation will impact how you interpret them.

The Law Office of The Lacy Employment Law was created in 1984. The law office's Philadelphia team of employment lawyers is available to help clients in the Philadelphia area and Southern New Jersey. The firm represents employees who are victims of harassment, sexual harassment or discrimination at work. American Academy of Trial Attorneys named Christopher F. Bagnato the Primer 100 Trial Attorneys of Pennsylvania.

The Lacy Employment Law represents workers and business owners throughout the Philadelphia metro area in employment-related legal matters. Andrew Lacy has more than three decades of experience handling matters that involve accusations of discrimination, sexual harassment, and unlawful retaliation. He also handles cases involving the Fair Labor Standards Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, and Federal False Claims Act as well as Sarbanes-Oxley violations. The Lacy Employment Law offers free initial consultations.

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A: Unfair or unlawful treatment are not the same thing. There are no laws against unfair treatment. These can include a boss who bullies employees into action, or someone who makes poor decisions about time off due to nepotism and mood. These issues might not be grounds for a court argument, or allegation. An employment lawyer can determine if unfair treatment is also illegal.

The Lacy Employment Law, a law firm in Philadelphia that also has New Jersey and New York employment and labor lawyers, is known for its team. The firm's main focus is employment litigation. It also handles matters such as wrongfully Withheld Wages, Executive Contract Violations, Whistle-blower Retaliation, or other employee issues. The law office includes several experienced trial lawyers who specialize in employment law.

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Here are some questions that you should ask. How long will my case take? Am I better off settling early? Will you drop my case if we do not settle after the EEOC process? Have you handled this type of case before? How much of your practice is devoted to employment law?

There are a lot of different practice areas for employment related disputes. Although wage loss might be considered labor law, we handle these types of issues. The Fair Labor Standards Act protects you from your employer stealing your wages. Also, like state anti discrimination laws, PA has anti-wage theft laws that protect you. Wage and hour claims comprise a good portion of the legal issues that we see. Let us help you recover your unpaid wages.

Employment law is much more than workplace discrimination. You might need legal counsel to help with employment agreements, contract negotiations, or a severance agreement review. There is also law that applies specifically to public sector employees. New Jersey employment laws differ from Philadelphia employment laws. And there are aspects of business law with an employment element as well. Perhaps you saw some illegal activity at work, then you can bring whistleblower claims. Did you suffer a personal injury at work? Then you have a workers compensation claim. Maybe your employer is accusing you of breaching a non-compete agreement or taking trade secrets with you to a new company. You will definitely need us in this case. There are so many different aspects of employment law. Give us a call and find out.