Finding the Best Fit for you: Regal Assets and Lear Capital

At Regal Assets and Lear Capital, selecting an advisor who best matches your investment goals is of utmost importance. While numerous firms exist within this realm, two stand out as preferred choices among them all: Regal Assets and Lear Capital have both proven themselves over time as trusted options in this regard - we hope that by providing this article's detailed comparison, readers may make more informed choices when making their choice between them.

Finding the Best Fit for you: Regal Assets and Lear Capital


Regal Assets and Lear Capital specialize in selling and managing precious metal assets such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for their investors as a form of inflation protection and economic risk protection.

Regal Assets

Regal Assets was established in 2009 to focus on alternative investments like precious metals and cryptocurrency, drawing much praise in this field of investment.

Regal Assets' diverse investment offerings span gold, silver, platinum, and palladium alongside cryptocurrency investments like Bitcoin.

Specialization of Precious Metal IRAs: They specialize in Precious Metal IRAs, which enable individuals to store physical precious metals within an IRA that they control themselves.

Regal Assets has earned accolades for providing unparalleled customer service and educational resources for investors.

Global Reach: Their services extend both within the US as well as internationally.

Fees and Costs: Regal Assets is transparent about its fee structure; however, investors should review all related documents closely to fully comprehend any associated expenses and fees.

Lear Capital

Since 1997, Lear Capital has maintained an extended presence within the market relative to Regal Assets.

Lear Capital offers several investment options related to gold and silver: physical coins/bars as well as Precious Metal IRAs.

Educational Resources: For beginners just starting to invest in precious metals, this site provides invaluable information and educational materials.

Price Lock Guarantee: One of Lear Capital's hallmark features is their revolutionary Price Lock Guarantee that allows customers to lock-in prices for an order for a specific period.

Customer Service at Lear Capital: Customer service has generally been considered excellent at Lear Capital; however, some investors have reported mixed experiences.

Fees and Costs: It is equally essential to understand all associated with investing through Lear Capital as with Regal Assets, in terms of fees and costs.

Regal Assets stands out in direct comparison due to its wider product selection due to cryptocurrency inclusion.

Experience: Although Lear Capital has been present on the market longer, Regal Assets has made significant strides within a shorter amount of time to establish themselves as one of the market leaders.

Regal Assets provides global services while Lear Capital does not.

Educational Materials: Both companies provide extensive learning materials for beginners. However, Lear Capital may offer more tailored options.

Customer Satisfaction: Both businesses enjoy very high levels of customer satisfaction; Regal Assets often receives greater praise for its excellent service delivery.


Both Regal Assets and Lear Capital are respected precious metals investment firms; your choice between the two should depend on your specific investment goals, preferences and emphasis placed upon aspects such as product diversity, international services, and customer support. To make an informed decision it's also crucial that fees associated with each company are scrutinized prior to making your selection decision - this way your money won't end up lost! Get more information about IRAs at